“I want to go” “I want to take you” “We can go whenever” That’s the image we want you to have.

We hope you can choose this store for situations like Anniversaries, dates, birthdays or any situations you can enjoy with your friends and family. We also provide dishes using flying fish caught by the owner himself. We hope you enjoy and feel the charm that you can get only here.



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Assorted sashimi (1 serving)
Sashimi of Yakushima neck-folded flying fish
Fried Yakushima flying fish with plum shiso sauce
Fried Yakushima Chiredai (snapper) with ponzu sauce
Pickled Yakushima flying fish rice bowl
Herb-crusted Yakushima flying fish
Grilled Yakushima flying fish with salt
Various sushi
(Upper right) Shrimp sushi bars
(Lower right) Grilled shrimp mayo sushi bars
(Upper left) Yakushima flying fish with plum shiso
(Lower left) Yakushima flying fish sushi bars
Various pizzas
(Upper right) Cheese mayo pizza with spicy roe and mochi
(Lower right) Yakushima Namaribushi (Tuna) and cream cheese pizza
(Upper left) Seafood pizza with genovese sauce
(Lower left) Cheese pizza with Whitebait fish leek onion and salted kelp

A relaxing space

* 3 private rooms (1 large and small Kotatsu-style tables, 1 tatami room)
They’re divided into 3 rooms, but they can also be used as a large room.


Store NameYakushima Yasunagamaru
Address〒891-4311 Ambo, Yakushimacho, Kumagegun, Kagoshima 2400-120
NumberTEL:0997-46-3055  FAX:0997-47-1022
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    Processing, manufacturing and sales
    We handmake each product so you enjoy them at home. Each product is very simple to cook. Our products come from the port town of Yakushima. They’re delivered with the thoughts of all of you.