A world Heritage site, “Yakushima” provides a taste of the island life.

The fishing boat "Aneimaru" engages in flying fish fishing off the coast of Yakushima.
It has been more than 20 years since I inherited the business from my father. As a producer, my father opened a restaurant in 2015 to provide fresh fish caught on his own boat.
We provide meticulous efforts so that our customers will be happy. Our motto "We want to deliver fresh fish" has not changed, and we make handmade products one by one with all our heart so that our customers will be even happier.
(Opened processing and manufacturing sales office in 2021)
We are supported by everyone. We will continue to bring fresh blessings from Yakushima to the dining tables for the smiles of our customers.

Shipowner, Kisaku

Izakaya "Aneimaru"

We hope you can choose this store for situations like Anniversaries, dates, birthdays or any situations you can enjoy with your friends and family.
We also provide dishes using flying fish caught by the owner himself.
We hope you enjoy and feel the charm that you can get only here.

Processing, Manufacturing, and Sales

We handcraft each product that can be easily cooked and enjoyed at your home.

From the harbor town of Yakushima, where people are sustained by the sea and live in harmony with it, we deliver the producers' heartfelt passion to you.


Pickled Yakushima flying fish / Herb-crusted Yakushima flying fish (Small)

Pickled flying fish made into sashimi on the day its caught and pickled in a special sauce based on Kagoshima's sweet soy sauce. It is packaged individually; it can be easily thawed under running water and served on the top of rice like “donburi” or as a side dish with sake.

Product Category
Gift Set
Herb-crusted Yakushima flying fish

Flying fish is made into fillet and sprinkled by herbs. After thawing, you can eat it by simple cook. We will always follow our motto to deliver the freshest fish.

Product Category
Gift Set
Dried Yakushima flying fish with salt

The previous owner was the current owner’s father, so he has been eating since he was a child. It is great combination with rice, sweet potato and shochu! We will always follow our motto to deliver the freshest fish.

Product Category
Gift Set

Company Profile

Company nameAneimaru Co., Ltd.
Ambo, Yakushimacho, Kumagegun, Kagoshima 2400-120
CEO (Owner) Hideyoshi Kisaku
Business contentIt was mainly focused on fishing, but with the opening of restaurants, it was incorporated and focused on manufacturing and selling processed marine products.
Rope Flying Fish Floating Net Fishing (Fishing License No. 69-4-1)
Restaurant business (general cafeteria, restaurant, etc. Command Yaho No. 33-82)
〇 Manufacture and sale of marine products
Marine products manufacturing industry (No. 33-96)