Bowl of pickled Yakushima flying fish

It can be easily thawed under running water and served on the top of rice like “donburi” or as a side dish with sake. You can also eat it on its own.

The flying fish caught that day are made into sashimi and pickled in a sauce based on Kagoshima's sweet soy sauce.

【Materials】(4 servings)

1 bag of Pickled Yakushima flying fish
Chopped seaweed
Sliced onions
Oba (Japanese basil)
Wasabi to taste

How to make

1Take it out of the freezer 10~15 minutes before serving and thaw it naturally, or thaw it in running water for 5~6 minutes.

2After serving the hot rice in the bowl, put chopped nori on it as you like.

3Serve sliced onion, Oba etc.

* It is also recommended to put grated natural potatoes (Jinenjo) on top like Yamakake.

4Put the thawed Pickled Yakushima flying fish on the top of the rice with the sauce.